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Stage / Internship - Assistant.e Marketing-Communication / Artificial Intelligence (speaking french & english)

Start in September 2022 - Part-time, flexible hours. Based in Paris or Besançon (France).

Work with us in Digital Marketing, CRM & Artificial Intelligence on exciting international & innovative projects in Deep Tech, Luxury & Music (electropop)!


- Community Management, create and select content (posts, photos, videos, articles etc) for the agency facebook & Linkedin & for our clients (instagram, facebook)
- Initiate & manage relationships & operations with medias & influencers on Instagram & Linkedin

- Promotion & digital communication of high potential electropop artists in France and internationally: Sohodolls, DeLaurentis

- Assist in management of brand partnerships in luxury, music, tech etc

- Assist in sales & marketing for consulting & training services in Artificial Intelligence in Creative Industries

- Assist experts in consulting assignments for startups in MusicTech & Music Business, Luxury, MarketingTech, AI, Blockchain

- Assist in production & organisation of training modules in Digital Marketing, CRM, AI & Web3-Blockchain: research, case studies, content, organisation, promotion


- You are a student in Digital Marketing (avec convention de stage française, pas d'alternance) with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence, Data Science & Data Analytics, at least at Master 1 level

- Operational skills in digital marketing, communication, community management, influence marketing

- Some operational skills in Data Analytics

- Some operational skills in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence (supervised & unsupervised learning): forecasting, classification, recommender systems, computer vision, synthetic media

- First experience (internship, music project etc) preferably in a startup, agency, label, company in music and/or luxury and/or tech/internet/software SaaS B2B

- You have a true interest in Artificial Intelligence applied to Creative Industries (music, luxury, gaming, metaverse), Marketing & CRM.
- Excellent level in English (written, oral), at least B2 (on UE standard scale). Better if you have passed TOEIC with a score > 900.

- You can speak french as a native speaker or fluently.


- You know how to use Instagram, Facebook & Youtube to attract and engage followers.

Consequently you manage at least one social media account (on Instagram, youtube etc) with many engaged followers & interesting quality content (no interest in low quality TikTok accounts), as your personal account and/or for a brand / organization / artist / band.

- You are able to select and create amazing content, photos & videos

- Photoshop or equivalent, at least at intermediate level

- Video editing software (Vegas or Premiere), at least at intermediate level

- You have already sold something with success

- You have already trained someone (on anything) with success and you like it!

- You know how to write well in french and in english

- Your Microsoft Powerpoint presentations are attractive & you know the basics of Excel

- You are at ease in the internet / deep tech / software, music (electropop genres) & luxury industries

- Music is your passion, you enjoy electropop / pop / electro music, from Depeche Mode to Daft Punk, Justice, Sebastien Tellier & Clara Luciani, with a large culture.

NB: We are not at all in rap-urban music universes.


- You have some first experience of B2B selling (professional services, SaaS software)

- You have some first experience in promo / community management of music artists in electropop genres, in creative industries and/or SaaS.

- You have existing contacts with social media influencers in France & rest of Europe (speaking english or french) that could fit our universes.

- You can speak professionally german, but not required if you can work well in english & in french.


- You are start-up minded
- You are reliable, well organized & autonomous, you are able to manage a project
- You can learn fast and you are highly motivated to increase your skills in digital marketing & communication, CRM, Data Marketing and Artificial Intelligence applied to our fields.

- You are both analytical and creative
- People appreciate your energy, enthusiasm & sense of humor!


- A very interesting internship to learn & increase highly valuable skills & experience!

- Training on some the best Marketing SaaS tools, CRM (Hubspot), influence marketing, AI for Marketing, by experts.

- The opportunity to work on exciting & challenging projects, and to manage projects, with coaching from experts.

- A great opportunity to build and increase a useful network of professionals, in the digital & startup ecosystem in Paris (and also internationally).

- Decent work / life balance, flexible hours & hybrid work mode.



- Duration: minimum 2 months, preferably 4-6 months. Opportunity to extend or convert into a job in our company or for a startup or partner in our network.

- Mode: Full time or part time depending on skills, experience and availability, with a minimum of 2 days / week (14h/week)

- Start: September or October 2022 (the sooner, the better)
- NB: Convention de stage française obligatoire. Pas d'alternance.

- Salary / Remunération: fixe 600€/mois + jusqu'à 2000€ de prime de résultats / mois selon performances (en ETP). Cette prime est non fiscalisée grâce à la convention de stage donc c'est du net pour le stagiaire.

- Based in Paris or Besançon.
- Flexible hybrid work mode (office / remote). Nice o
ffices in Paris in Wojo Offices (several possible locations). For remote, you must have the adequate environment to work efficiently from home (quiet place, PC, internet connection).


Send your CV / resume (in english or french) in PDF format with a personalized motivation mail & useful links to stages[at]

Please do not apply if no French Convention de stage is possible for you.

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